Gherdan & Associates assisted with success the transfer of Sotiris Manolopoulos to Dinamo Bucharest

The basketball section of Sports Club Dinamo Bucharest has a new head coach in the person of Sotiris Manolopoulos. On the 27th of October 2022, the parties have signed a multianual agreement.

Our law office, through lawyers Sabin Liviu Gherdan and Cristian Florin Oană, assisted with success the transfer of Sotiris Manolopoulos to Sports Club Dinamo Bucharest. Gherdan & Associates lawyers were involved in all stages of the transfer procedure. The legal activities covered the specialised consultancy regarding the specific aspects of sports law; the negotiation of the sports activity contract; as well as the implementation of all the necessary procedural steps, in relation to the International Basketball Federation, in order to fulfill the transfer procedure.

The Sports Club of Dinamo Bucharest is Romania’s most successful basketball club, with 22 national championship titles and 4 Romanian Cups won.

Sotiris Manolopoulos is one of the most appreciated basketball coaches in Greece, currently the head coach of the Greek senior National Team, where the double MVP of the NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is playing.

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