Ioan Vlad

Only those battels that you never start are lost

– Mircea Eliade



For me, sport have been a cornerstone in shaping my personality and what I am in this moment. The possibility to work in a field of law that includes elements of a sporting nature has always been a personal goal.

At the same time, I believe that sport must become a dominant constant in the daily life of an person, being a balancing factor in such a dynamic world.

In an attempt to capitalize my oratorical talent, in 2019 I graduated from the Faculty of Law at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. In the same year I became a member of the Cluj Bar while I continued my professional studies by following the L.L.M. program “European and National Business Law” within the same university.

I joined the project of Gherdan & Associates out of the desire to involve in the restructuring, through legal order, of the sports movement in Romania. Therefore, my theoretical and practical training, my inspiration and responsibility are just few of the personal attributes that contribute to the purpose and vision of the Law Firm.

The professional creed by which I guide my work as a lawyer is circumscribed around honesty and persuasion, while the courtroom experience is combined in unison with insight and eloquence in outlining the best representation in solving our clients’ legal problems.

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Sabin Gherdan

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Ioan Vlad

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Our expertise includes a wide range of sports law from assistance in setting up a sports entity to representation before the highest sports arbitration court in the world.


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